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Early 2011, after premiering the short comedy Shelf Stackers, director Tom Wadlow wanted to create something bigger and more challenging; Tom wanted to make a feature film. He had an idea to create a Zombie movie in the classic ‘Romero’ style. He turned to writer Tommy Draper and along with Sophie Black (art department manager) they started to develop ideas and themes to tell the tale of Scott; a lonely survivor battling life in a world infected by Zombies.

While our focus was on creating a movie that would entertain, scare and fulfil what is expected of the genre we always knew that we wanted to give the viewer something honest with realistic characters that had real emotions and lived their lives as you would expect.
The story takes place in the years after the outbreak, after most of mankind has been wiped out.  Our focus is to tell the story from Scott’s point of view, not to show the outbreak but to show you his life before, during and after the world changed around him.  This way we get a realistic feel for how this global catastrophe affected a regular man, a man who is not a hero but someone who was once living and enjoying his life and falling in love with Beth who he hoped to marry.

During the development of the screenplay the riots broke out in London and spread to several cities around the UK.  Every day on the news there were images of destruction showing some of the worst aspects of modern society.  What followed was public outrage about what was happening but the riots continued to start up every night.  Once the riots had begun to calm down something else happened; people started coming together and there was a massive turn around, people came together to clean up the destruction, rebuild what was once broken.  This was something that was incorporated into Wasteland’s development, to show those emotions of despair as society collapsed but to also give hope, to show that despite the destruction people would become stronger, that humanity could survive.

The screenplay was crafted until everyone involved with the project was happy that we were making something unique and interesting. A teaser trailer was filmed which was very well received on the internet and gave a good taste of how Wasteland would be.
In early 2012 filming began with Shameer Seepersand taking the lead role of Scott. Between shooting dates the footage has been edited so director Tom has been able to see the film come together enabling a quicker post-production once principle photography is complete.


The world has been reduced to a Wasteland, where survivors of a deadly virus that has turned people into the walking dead try and hide and keep a low profile, while carving out a living by scavenging for useful items left over from the previous world. We find Scott Miller, alone and waiting for his beloved Beth to return from London where she went in search of her family. Scott is still clinging to hope that there is a chance that the world can return to its previous state. That faith is continually shaken by events in this wild and dangerous world until Scott is forced to face his fears and decide whether he is to stay where he is or seek other survivors


Here are some images from the movie

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primary characters

Scott – A young man who had his whole life before him before the world was turned upside down.  He was a confident out-going, carefree individual now he is a lonely, cautious character living life one day at a time. Played by Shameer Seepersand - Calendar Girls and BBC Dramas Eastenders and Casualty.

Max – Before the outbreak a mild mannered family man, now that he has lost everything he has reinvented himself as a cowboy of the apocalypse taking the fight to the Zombies. Played by Mark Drake - Game of Thrones, Night Bus and Two Days in the Smoke.

Beth – Scott’s girlfriend. Confident, strong, independent and, after the outbreak, has become a ‘take no prisoners’ bad-ass. Played by Jessica Messenger - Beneath a Neon Tide, Made in Chelsea.

Lolli – A teenager travelling with Max ever since he saved her life.  Lolli is a tough, edgy sidekick to Max but scratch the surface and she still an innocent child underneath. Played by Rachel Benson.

Dave – Scott’s best friend before the outbreak. A charming character full of good humour and a horror geek who is excited about the idea of a real-life Zombie outbreak. Played by Carl Bryan.

George – A voice on the CB radio and Scott’s only living friend in the new world. He is an older man living out his life with his wife Barbara in the middle of nowhere. A father figure who has seen the highs and lows of life; dispensing wisdom to Scott as they chat at the end of the world. Voiced by Gavin Harrison.

behind the scenes

   Video 1: Wasteland - An Introduction          Video 2: Wasteland - The Script

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Video 3: Wasteland - The Cast                   Video 4: Wasteland - The Locations                     

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key crew members

Directed by Tom Wadlow

Produced by Chrissa Maund

Executive Producers Mem Ferda, Michael Salmon, Philip Varghese

Associate Producers Mike Rhodes, Neil King, Rhys Adams, Tony Bullock, Martin Peter Murray

Line Producer Lauren Parker

Director of Photography Chris Newman

Written by Tommy Draper

Edited by Chris Newman, Tom Wadlow

Visual Effects by Joe Parcell

Production Design Sophie Black

Chief Make Up Artist Deborah Bennett

Original Score by Dave S. Walker

Full list of cast & crew available over on the Wasteland IMDb page here

set pictures

Adding_the_wall_paper Adding_the_wax 432054_211602908966057_879290447_n
484034_202606839865664_501167356_n 541498_202582603201421_1256387453_n





Beth_for_web Scott_for_web Lolli_for_web
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Scotts_Living_Room_-_day_for_web Scotts_hideout_for_Web


artwork by Sophie Black

technical details

Genre – Apocalyptic Drama

Filming timescale18 days

Aim of filmWe aim to sign a deal that sees Wasteland sold and/or distributed globally on DVD release. 

Running time – 93min

Budget - £500,000

The project has a great following which is growing all the time, as was demonstrated by our  tremendously successful fundraising campaign, for the marketing of the film, which achieved 145% of our target.




phone cases available from £25


Wasteland Sound Original Soundtrack £15

Festival Run

Wasteland has been submitted to a range of Festivals across the globe

SA_Horrorfest_For_Web   UK_Festival_of_Zombie_For_Web  
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Written by Tommy Draper, Directed by Tom Wadlow, Shelf Stackers is the first  UK comedy to have been produced by Light Films to date.  The film follows several diverse characters and watches their lives unfold during the graveyard shift at a mini-supermarket. From love and lust, to divorce and hatred; the film is full of emotion and contains lots of funny tweaks. 

It was a challenging shoot, that ended up being a huge amount of fun and we think the trailer shows just how much fun the entire project was!


Written by Tommy Draper, Shelf Stackers is the first comedy to have been produced by Light Films to date.  The film follows several diverse characters and watches their lives unfold during the graveyard shift at a mini-supermarket.

From love and lust, to divorce and hatred; the film is full of emotion and contains lots of funny tweaks.

production notes

We spent 4 months recruiting cast and crew to fulfil the project, which was shot on Friday 11th March to Sunday 13th March 2011 inclusively.

We stumbled across a number challenges, the main one being location of the film, where we ended up building a shop from scratch at a conference centre! A lot of hardwork, but the most fulfilling film we have ever produced because of the amount of effort that was input by such a fantastic crew.


Fish: Nathan Cook
Mike: Jordan Hollis
Gloria: Buckso Dhillon-Woolley
Katy: Lucy Alex Varney
Lolli: Kate Lindley-Robinson
Stoner: Brett Chapman
Zombie: Angie Bird


Director: Tom Wadlow
Director of Photography: Neil Oseman with Colin Smith as assistant/gaffer
Producer: Chrissa Maund assisted by Brett Chapman
Art Dept (costume & set design): Sophie Black assisted by Racheal West
Sound Engineer & Designer: Hadrian Cawthorne
Production Photography: Emma Chadwick
Make-Up & Hair: Deborah Bennett
Runners and Set Builders: Ian Cudmore, Mike Rhodes, Lee Martin

production stills

MikeKaty buckso theset
TomLucy BucksoJordan tommy

the premiere

We set ourselves a target to exceed all previous film premiere achievements with our big film premiere of "Shelf Stackers" which took place on Thursday 12th May 2011 at The Great Hall in the Assembly Rooms, Derby.  The event included attracted over 350 people, including over 40 business exhibitors.  For more information on the event itself click here.


Designing the publicity for a Light Films Production is always a challenge but enormous fun. This time round Luck Design was set the brief to create branding for a lo-cost supermarket which certainly adds authenticity to the look and feel of the film. Now you know where not to pop in for a pint of milk! Poster_2

production artwork


By Sophie Black

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