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    tom wadlow

    Tom Wadlow


    Our clients feel incredibly safe with Tom and have firm knowledge that his work for them will always be of incredible value and quality. Why? Well, there is nothing our clients can ask Tom about film that he can't answer. He has the largest library of film knowledge stored in his mind!

    As a child Tom begged his Dad for Kickboxer and Blood Sport videos. His Dad, fortunately, denied his request and bought him "Vertigo" and "North by North West". These Hitchcock classics not only inspired Tom, but left him with so many questions he carried on watching these legendary films. It's because of this genuine interest and intrigue into filmmaking that Tom decided, from a very young age, that he would be a film director. Little did he know at this stage what wonderful opportunities awaited him in the States...

    Tom studied at the University of Derby and graduated in 2003. In 2004 he left the sunny UK for the gloomy state of California, where he studied at Universal Studios in Los Angeles towards a post-graduate qualification in filmmaking and directing. In 2006 Tom returned to the UK to set up Light Films as a film production house that had the ambition of Universal Studios with incredibly low budgets generated from commercial projects.

    Tom is a rare breed of Film Director. He has incredible business management skills, from his many years as Managing Director of Light Films. Tom holds the magic formula for making a high budget production from low budgets, and this is evident from both is corporate and independent film work.

    Tom has directed and exectively produced many independent films, and has worked on many large films too including The Duchess and Doom. He is in high-demand receiving many Director and Filmmaker requests daily, for a full list of credits click here.

    chrissa maund

    Chrissa maund


    Ideas that generate a profit... That's what Chrissa is well known for amongst Light Films clientele. She gets no greater buzz than reporting direct and indirect financial growth from video marketing to clients. Chrissa, of course, loves good-looking video. But more importantly holds the key to understanding what turns a good-looking video into a revenue-generating video. Chrissa is also known to not hold punches! Her success as a producing filmmaker has come from her incredible honesty, and lean working processes, which are always a benefit to companies and filmmakers wanting to make money from their films.

    Chrissa has extensive experience in business and project management having spent her early career managing large teams within retail and later moving on to a business solutions company where she successfully launched a new business division. Chrissa joined Light Films in 2008 as an independent Business Consultant, where she rebranded the company on the strength of it's product and gained the awareness and financial revenue that it deserved. Chrissa has brought Light Films into the limelight and her commercial acumen and expertise has provided the missing piece of the puzzle at Light Films.

    Chrissa is a highly sought after film producer, too, and produces all movies for Light Films, where she oversees the project from script to the silver screen and distribution. She has managed, co-ordinated, marketed and delivered 5 fantastic film premieres in 2009, 2010, 2011 and an inclredibly lavish gala event based at the Showcase Cinema De Luxe in 2013 to which over 1,500 people have attended collectively, for a full list of her film credits click here.

    ajaz aslam

    Ajaz Aslam

    Director of Photography

    Ajaz is very passionate about film. He works very hard at producing high quality work with his camera and very talented at composing beautiful shots.

    Self taught in the camera, lighting and sound department he has a natural flare for filming. He aspires to be very creative and always a professional on set. Highly motivated in completing the tasks and keeps the bigger picture in mind.

    Ajaz makes a great tag team partner with Tom and together they have accomplished alot.

    As a father of two boys he keeps busy with his family, especially his younger son who wants to be part of the creative community.